Key Things You Should Know Before Getting Invisalign

You should always wear the Invisalign if you want quick results. According to detail professional, wear them for a minimum of 22 hours. The remaining two hours you will take off will be for eating and brushing the mouth. The aligners that you will get will be last you for the entire treatment duration. In most of the cases you will wear the aligners for two weeks after which they are going to be replaced. The span that you will wear the Invisalign will vary depending on the condition of your teeth.

You should not be on Invisalign when you are eating food. Despite the kind of food that you are eating, ensure that you are removed them. When taking water, you do not have to remove them. In the case the Invisalign are made up of plastic, do take hot beverages. The two hours you do not wear the Invisalign will be enough to eat. Since you will not be removing the Invisalign anyhow, you will have to avoid junks between meals.

After eating food, ensure that you have brushed your mouth. Oral hygiene is necessary when you are wearing Invisalign. The food particles are going to stick between the Invisalign and teeth in the case you do not maintain oral hygiene. A cleanser will be provided by the dentist to ensure that the tooth does not turn yellow or stain. A toothbrush will be necessary when you to go to work; it will be essential after you take the lunch.

There are some situations, you may be provided with an attachment. You will need an attachment to quicken the restoration process. They look like buttons and are attached on the Invisalign. In most of the cases they are no visible. You may require Invisalign or not depending on the condition of your teeth. Every person has a unique case, the dentist will decide on whether you will need teeth adjustment.

Before you get Invisalign, the doctor may sometimes make some adjustment. The objective of the adjustment is to prepare your teeth. The teeth will have to bring to line in the case some are bigger than normal. The procedure is painless and takes less time. Before you get the adjustment, the dentist will first guide you through the process.

You will require refinement process after the Invisalign treatment is over. The purpose of refinement is to ensure that you get the desired results that will last. Refinement will be done with a refiner, and are mostly worn when before bedtime and removed in the morning. Information about the refiners will be provided by the dentist. Be careful when finding a place to find an Invisalign.

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